Please enjoy the e-tools below, as aids to crafting characters and adventures. The tools include a die roller, a pactmage character generator, among others. The tools use JavaScript. JavaScript is perfect for mobile phone users, who can access these tools unobtrusively during play to store character information, send messages to the GM or other players, or make die rolls, among other activities.

Dice Roller

This tool simulates dice rolling. Enter the number of dice, or leave the default value at one die. Then click the button corresponding to the type of die you wish to roll. Using this tool, you can roll 1d4, 10d10, 6d8, or any other typical game combination.

Num:    Die:   =      

Score Generator

This tool simulates the rolling of 4d6 six times, each time dropping the lowest die result and totaling the remaining three dice. You may specify that the total of all six dice fall within a specified range, such as the default range of 28 to 32 points given below. This tool allows for variation and surprise without compromising the overall total-point result.

Low:    High:    =  =  Points:

Binder Character Generator

Fill out the form and click 'Create' to view a fully worked-up character. This tool is limited to single-class characters built from the classes described in Secrets of Pact Magic and the upcoming Villains of Pact Magic supplement. Characters have typical feats, skills, spells, equipment, and so forth. It is most suited for nonplayer characters.

Character Name:   Class:   Level:

Race:   Template:   Sex:

Pointbuy:   Gold:   Affiliation:


To create an NPC using standard races and classes (elf, sorcerer, etc), visit here.

Binder Library Generator

Fill out the form and click 'Create' to view a fully worked-up library well-suited to pact magic adventures. The work-up includes dimensions with a map, a trap or ward, special magical effects on visitors, resident creatures, media present, search DCs, and notable contents. Results match the Challenge Rating that you indicate. Print the maps as-is to use them immediately at your game table.

Challenge Rating:   Library Size: