Learn what constellation of spirit you might become and what pactmagic aptitudes you possess, among other possibilities.


What Spirit Constellation Sign Are You?
Binder sages often associate vestiges of ancient spirits with 13 constellations. Answer 13 questions to determine your best-fit constellation. If you should ever become a spirit, this is where you may likely go! This questionnaire will also help forecast the dark places and difficult situations that haunt your life, and the hidden resources you can access to overcome challenges. Click the arrow below to start.

1) Which of the following best describes your childhood?

Idyllic and peaceful.
Plagued with terrible events.
Lonely, with no friends.
Many interesting stories.
Stimulated to excel.
On the move all the time.
You have no recollection.

2) What kind of adventure do you enjoy the most?

Urban intrigue.
Enchanted forest.
Ruined keep.
Haunted graveyard.
Alternate plane of existence.
Fiery desert.
Bizarro world.

3) Which one of the following characters would you prefer to play?

Noble dragon-shaman.
Aloof necromancer.
Salwart paladin.
Scheming warlock.
Stealthy gypse.
Wandering druid.
Oddball commoner.

4) You suspect there is a trap in a dungeon corridor you are traveling. What do you do?

Carefully search at every step.
Get an ally to go first.
Cast a spell to detect traps.
Conjure a monkey to trigger any traps.
Continue on, laughing at fate.
Smash at everything as you go.
Go back the way you came.

5) Numerous foes are heading in your direction. They can defeat you, but so far they are unaware of your presence. What do you do?

Ready yourself for combat.
Lay a trap and hide.
Cast a spell to charm or confuse them.
Expeditiously retreat.
Blast them with spells from a distance.
Call on allies for aid.
Check to see if the foes are an illusion.

6) When a fight isn't going well, do you tend to...

Offer to negotiate.
Make a tactical withdrawl.
Continue fighting boldly.
Use an underhanded trick.
Sacrifice a comrade.
Hide in the shadows.

7) When attempting to locate a fugitive or fleeing foe, do you typically...

Question the locales.
Cast a spell or use a magic item.
Make known a threating challenge to meet in the town square.
Quietly plant bait to attract the foe's attention.
Proceed to where the foe will likely go next.
Wait patiently for the foe to appear.
Ignore the foe and continue on.

8) You capture a cohort of your main foe, what do you do?

Interrogate him using spells and intimidation.
Persuade him to your side.
Torture and kill him, then raise the corpse as an undead minion.
Hand him over to higher authorities.
Pretend you have the wrong person, then release and follow him.
Hold him as a bargaining chip.
Absolutely nothing.

9) During an adventure, you alone randomly encounter your party's greatest, most powerful foe. What do you do?

Attack immediately.
Propose a deal.
Pretend you are someone else.
Join your foe's side, at least for now.
Use a spell to call for help.
Flee as fast as you can.
Present yourself as your foe.

10) You would not be surprised if your main foe turns out to be:

A scheming rakshasa prince.
A lich archmage.
The king or queen of dragons.
A cruel elf enchantress.
A demigod cursed to travel the world.
Seven wrathful titan warriors.
A shadowy clone of yourself.

11) How do you usually get your treasure?

Pocket it when no one is looking.
Keep detecting magic to identify the best items.
Take what is yours, by whatever means necessary.
Divide the treasure faily among all allies.
Trick someone else to give it to you.
After everyone else, usually the lousy items.
You never get treasure.

12) Which of the following magical artifacts sounds the most appealing to you?

Wish Ring of the One True King
Twin Bastard Swords of the Two-Headed Dragon
Hand of the High Lich Mage
Evershifting Mask of the Fey Princesses
Silver Fiend-Trapping Amulet of Seven Holy Angels
Marvelous Codex of the Elemental Planes
None: magical artifacts are too much responsibility.

13) If you could have a supernatural ability in real life, what would it be?

Fly like a bird.
Alter your appearence to look like anyone.
Breathe terrible fire.
Heal people's wounds.
Command ghostly spirits.
Read people's minds.
None: no supernatural abilities please.

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