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Please enjoy the sample material below drawn from Secrets of Pact Magic and Villains of Pact Magic. You will also find colorful downloadable bookmarks and free supplementary material to enhance the use of pact magic in your campaign.

All material below 3.5 / OGL compatible for use with the world's most popular fantasy role-playing game. Secrets of Pact Magic and its supplements contain Open Game material, which you can download as a PDF to learn about here.

Look Inside — Secrets of Pact Magic!

The following PDFs provide a taste of Secrets of Pact Magic. These constitute a mere 27 pages of 336 pages devoted to pactmaking.Please feel free to share them with others to spread the word. Click on a link to download now.

Table of Contents Thirteen chapters, 336 pages to explore!
Introduction What is pact magic? Who binds spirits and why? What are society's reactions? Where do spirits reside? Players will find motives and quests. DMs will find adventure ideas to integrate pactmakaing into a compaign.
Unbound Witch One of eight base classes, the unbound witch is a fearsome binder who dispenses with careful pactmaking to make the spirits' supernatural abilities her own, forever.
Summary of Spirits A quick summary of fifty-four of the most commonly bound spirits, from 1st-level Aza'zati to 9th-level Grandmother Earth.
Aza'zati: The Green Wyrmling This 1st-level dragon spirit energizes pactmakers to spew acid, sniff out gold coins, swim with ease, and cause a nearby vine to entangle a single foe.
Green Glomairah: The World Tree This sweet maiden could speak with plants, and as a 5th-level spirit continues to help protect nature and good folk against illness and mauraders.
Rasputin: The Bleeding Magician This hard-hearted stage magician warped his rivals into monsters and summoned balloon-like beasts before losing himself in his most dangerous trick, to escape the flow of time. Rasputin is a 6th-level spirit.
Atlan Demon Binder This prestige class returns binders to the roots of Goetian magic, to gain extraordinary and supernatural powers of abyssal demons.
The Spellwright Academy One of thirteen affiliations a character may join for special benefits, including access to spells on the cheap and the ability to bind Forty-Two, the spirit of a sentient machine.
Flame Ghoul Great care is needed by those who trade with this sniggering ghoul, an undead binder who can bestow power to others, for a hungry price.

Look Inside — Villains of Pact Magic!

The following PDFs provide a taste of Villains of Pact Magic. These constitute a mere 34 pages of 212 pages devoted to pactmaking. Please feel free to share them with game-mates to spread the word about pact magic. Click on a link to download now.

Table of Contents Eleven chapters, 212 pages to explore!
Introduction An overview of 4 villainous classes, 27 spirits, numerous anima and feats, traps and puzzles, magic items, and 4 monstrous legions of foes.
Exorcist One of four base classes, the exorcist is a nasty foe of pactmakers, ghosts, haunts, and other possessing spirits.
Summary of Spirits A quick summary of twenty-seven new spirits, from 1st-level Coralene to 9th-level Aladdar.
Alrik of Malkeborne: The Alabaster Prince of Chaos This 6th-level spirit of an atlan antihero led demons, cyclopes and evil titans to murder the gods of his own people.
The Malebolge Moors: Thirteen Traitors of Hell These infernal torturers paid the price for rebelling against their master, Asmodius. Their binders can send opponents to a remnant of the Malebolge dungeons for infernal torture.
Anima of 7 Sins Just 7 of two-dozen new anima-type spirits. These inchoate vestiges of the 7 deadly sins were contributed by players like you!
Traps! A sampling of traps that are easily inserted into any campaign.
Into the Nightfang Weald Fourteen sample pages covering the Nightfang Weald, a prison plane for wayward unseelie binder fey.
Binder Safehouse One of 10 adventure sites. This urban fort is ideal for players to case, defend, or just hole up in.

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Portrait Gallery

Consider utilizing the following portraits as part of your game, to highlight mysteries and legends that await intrepid adventurers as they explore a world touched by spirit binding. These portraits are for personal use only. Please contact us for permission for commercial use.

Binder Azos, possesed by a telchine spirit

Spirit of Rajah Amajaloma, Devourer of Titans

Bilbados, a demon eye occult priest

Trohga, a troglodyte unbound witch

Spirit of Marat, the Guardian
of Shields

Spirit of Green Glomairah, the World Tree


Minos, an atlan binder dives for gold and lore

Shara, a frehmin fire binder

An imp steals a greedy soul for
a goliath devil

Spirit of
Mare Loviatha,
the Ice Maiden

Ga'hal, a hobgoblin
pact warrior

Spirit of Jayna, Traveler of Worlds

Supplementary Material

No creative project is ever really 'done', or done in a vacuum. The following downloads, including official pact magic supplements, are provided as free enhancements to your game. Material submitted by members like you can also be posted here!

Free Pathfinder RPG Conversion Guide Use this three and one-half page guide to quickly convert your OGL/3.5 binder characters to Paizo's Pathfinder Role-Playing Game.

New Class: Rookblade This 4-page download describes the rookblade class, a stealth-focused striker at home with spirits of the spider, thief, and shadow constellations. Perfect for those who want a rogue/binder hybrid different from the foe hunter.

New Creature: Malebolge Devil This 2-page download describes rogue pactmaking devils that hail the Malebolge Remnant. These devils seek to possess and corrupt the unwary. Woe to players to who must deal with possessed innocents.

New Creature: Vatic Stirge This 1-page download describes a spirit-touched fiendish version of the stirge. This menace of the swamps is more dangerous than its dull-writted cousin. It can goad characters into unwise choices.

New Spirit: Minezon the Untouchable This 2nd level spirit of the fiend constellation grants summoners the ability to detect a creature’s power, attach to and drain blood from foes, briefly flit through the air, and avoid an attack.

New Epic Spirit: Hellmouth This epic spirit of the fiend constellation brings on infernal and demonic fun for (mostly) evil binders.

New Prestige Class: Primordial Shaper This 1-page download describes the primordial shaper, a 5-level class for pactmakers who wish to perfect the crafting and binding of anima type spirits. Author: Marc Palmer.

Anima of the Outer Darkness This 3-page download describes six new anima spirits that are useful to travelers of the Outer Darkness. The spirits were created by the drowess binder Lilith. Includes new options for the Augment Pact feat plus a new feat and new magic item.

New Feats This 4-page download contains many new feats that are particularly useful to anima binders, undead pactmakers, magic item crafters, and characters from Villains of Pact Magic.

Advice and Errata This 10-page download contains vital discussion of common questions as well as official corrections to Secrets of Pact Magic and Villains of Pact Magic. Last update: Saturday, November 7, 2009.

Players Guide to Pact Magic This 26-page booklet introduces players to pact magic. Inside is an introduction to pactmaking, an overview of fifty-four spirits, plus classes, feats, organizations, lore, backgrounds, and two sample characters.

Magi Font Throughout Secrets of Pact Magic, short messages appear in this inscrutible font. Download this font and decode the messages!