We are not currently collecting submissions. However, if you have material in mind, please see the guidelines below.  

Submit Your Ideas

Your imagination is welcome here!

Submitted material should clearly relate to the use of pact magic (either as described in the Secrets of Pact Magic or as traditionally described in public domain material such as The Lesser Key of Solomon). We cannot accept material that contains or builds upon material held in copyright by others, such as proper names from fiction or held by other game publishers. However, creative variations and/or generic references can make such material usable.

Getting Started

We suggest that you first post your new spirit, race, class, feat, creature, location, or other idea to the discussion boards for feedback to ensure game balance and clarity. We suggest you follow the style and layout typical of d20 System works. Consider utilizing Chapter 12: Game Tools from Secrets of Pact Magic and this interactive PDFto aid your design process. After you have polished your material, email it as a text, Word, RTF, or unprotected PDF to:
You must include your full (legal) name, and current contact information including email address, telephone number, and postal mailing address.

Your submission will be reviewed, and you will be noticed within 7 days. If your submission is accepted immediately, it will be formatted to match the layout and style of Secrets of Pact Magic before being added to the list of either supplementary material on this website or for inclusion in an upcoming work (as you prefer). If we feel a little more polishing is in order beyond minor proofing, or in the event that the material does not feel like a good match thematically, then you will be contacted with feedback.

Revisions & Retractions

You may retract or revise your material by contacting us at To retract your submission, please indicate your contact information and the title of the piece. To revise your material, please send the revision as a regular submission, indicating the submission is a revision. Please be patient when requesting revisions.

Legal Rights

You retain authorship of material you submit, with your name and copyright displayed. However, by submitting an idea, you agree that we may proof, retitle, and stylize your document, and either post it to this site for viewing by the public or include it in a published work (case-bound, soft-cover, or for-sale PDF).

Compensation & Future Use

When submitting a work, you agree that your material may be included in future published work for sale by Radiance House, provided we adhere to three conditions. First, we agree to credit you as an author of your work. Second, we agree to compensate you with a one-time royalty.

Royalty = (number of pages) / (length of book) * (book cover price) * $100.
Third, we agree that you will receive one free copy of any published material that contains your contribution. You retain legal rights to the material, which you may freely use for your own or others' products. The royalty and free copy are provided within 60 days of when the work becomes available for sale to the public.